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Stephanie Scott

by rjp218 Feb 12, 2016
Stephanie Scott

Humanities Initiative Dissertation Fellow


  1. Ph.D. English, The Pennsylvania State University, 2016 (Anticipated)
  2. M. A. English, The Pennsylvania State University, 2012
  3. B. A. English and Government, The College of William and Mary, 2007


Stephanie Scott is a fourth-year doctoral student in the Department of English. Her research interests center on modernist and contemporary Anglophone Irish writing, as well as the interplay of memory, ethics, and feminist epistemologies. An active member of the university community, Stephanie is a three-time fellow of the Public Writing Initiative, as well as the president of the Modernist Studies Workshop. She is delighted to be affiliated with the Rock Ethics Institute this year.


Stephanie’s dissertation project, “Beyond National Trauma: The Generative Role of Memory in the Literature of Ireland and Irish-America’s Marginalized Populations,” challenges conventional understandings of Irish and Irish-American literature as perpetuating a vision of a cohesive national identity founded on memories of sacrifice and trauma. Grounded in an analysis of relevant political and popular discourses, her dissertation offers a focused exploration of how the literature of minoritized populations responds to, challenges, or otherwise problematizes nationalist narratives of commemoration. In doing so, Stephanie’s dissertation reveals contemporary Irish and Irish-American literature to celebrate the diversity of memories contained within the body politic and to champion memory as a uniquely generative force.