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Amit Sharma

by rjp218 Oct 26, 2017
Amit Sharma

Professor of Hospitality Finance

Department of Hospitality Management

College of Health and Human Development

Director, Food Decisions Research Laboratory

Editor, ICHRIE Penn State Research Reports

Director of Research, I-CHRIE

2016/17 Rock Ethics Institute Faculty Fellow

218 Mateer Building
University Park PA 16802

Office Phone: (814) 865-0126


  1. Ph.D., Virginia Tech. (2002)
  2. Masters, Institut de Management Hotelier International (IMHI) (France)
  3. Higher National Diploma in Hospitality Management, University of Salford (England)
  4. Bachelor in Economics (Honors), University of Delhi (India).


Amit Sharma is associate professor of hospitality finance in the School of Hospitality Management at the Pennsylvania State University. Since 2006, and prior to that, he was assistant professor at Iowa State University. He is now the director of the Food Decisions Research Laboratory, a visiting professor and research scholar at the Institute Paul Bocuse (Lyon, France), and was recently a visiting scholar at KyungHee University (Seoul, South Korea). He was also recently appointed to be an advisory board member of the African Research Center at Penn State.

Amit teaches finance and economics at the School of Hospitality Management. His interdisciplinary research focuses on Decision-Making and Cost-Benefit Analysis, and small business financing, particularly in food system contexts. The U.S. Department of Agriculture and the World Bank have funded his research here in the U.S. and in southern Africa.

Rock Fellowship Project Description

Agency-Theory and Food Ethics in Schools and Eating Away from Home Environments
Principal Investigator: Amit Sharma, Ph.D., Associate Professor, School of Hospitality Management

The purpose of this Individual Rock Faculty Fellowship is for the PI Amit Sharma, to: a. Assess the influence of Federal reimbursement or third party management contracts of K-12 school foodservice programs on the ethics of access, offering, and promotion of food for children; b. Develop undergraduate curricular centered on the ethics of access, offering, and promotion of food away from home particularly targeted at children. Children will be the cross cutting theme of this integrated curricular and research fellowship, focusing on K-12 school foodservice programs and eating away from home environment. Dr. Hema Kesa (University of Johannesburg) is one of the collaborators. PI and Dr. Kesa will extend the proposed research and curricular activities in Johannesburg through Dr. Kesa’s work with the Johannesburg school system and the city Government.