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Martina Kolb

by khepler Mar 19, 2015
Martina Kolb

Assistant Professor of German and Comparative Literature

2008 Faculty Seminar Fellow


Martina Kolb is Assistant Professor of German and Comparative Literature at Penn State , where she is also a committee member at the Institute of the Arts and Humanities for the Moments of Change 2008-2009 initiative. She holds a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from Yale, Graduate Degrees in Modern Philology from Tübingen University, and an M.A. in German Studies from the University of Oregon. Before joining Penn State in 2007, she taught in the Humanities Core Program at Bilkent University in Ankara, and was the recipient of two Postdoctoral Fellowships (at the Universities of Konstanz and Bologna). Martina’s research and teaching interests are multi-comparative Modernism, Mediterranean studies, theater East-West, ethics and aesthetics, the Frankfurt School, poetry after Auschwitz, psychoanalysis, and detective fiction. Among her publications are articles on mnemotopes in Uwe Johnson’s novels, multilingual life-writing in Ezra Pound’s prison poetry, and verbal-visual encounters in Bertolt Brecht’s appropriation of Oriental theater. She currently works on a book on Modernist Mediterranean geopoetics.