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Sandra Morgen

by khepler Mar 19, 2015
Sandra Morgen

Professor of Women's Studies, Penn State

Director, 2007 Faculty Seminar


Sandra Morgen is an anthropologist, joining the Pennsylvania State University faculty as Professor of Women’s Studies in Fall 2006. Her research focuses on the intersection of gender, race and class in women’s lives and in U.S. social and economic policy. For the past fifteen years she was director of the Center for the Study of Women in Society at the University of Oregon where she also headed a research initiative on women and economic restructuring focusing on welfare and poverty and was a professor in both the sociology and anthropology departments. Her most recent books include Taxes Are a Woman’s Issue (Feminist Press, 2006 with Mimi Abramovitz), Into Our Own Hands: The Women’s Health Movement in the United States, 1969-1990 (2004, Rutgers University Press) and Work, Welfare, Politics: Confronting Poverty in the Wake of Welfare Reform (2002, University of Oregon Press, co-edited with Frances Fox Piven, Joan Acker, and Margaret Hallock). She received the "Women Who Make a Difference Award" from the National Council for Research on Women in 2004 and an award for "Outstanding Contributions to the Field of Anthropology of the U.S." from the Society for the Anthropology of North America. This spring she will direct a faculty seminar through the Rock Ethics Institute on “Social Justice and the Economy: National and International Perspectives.”