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Vera Mark

by khepler Mar 17, 2015
Vera Mark

Assistant Professor of French, Francophone Studies and Linguistics

2009 Faculty Seminar Fellow



  1. Ph.D., University of Texas, 1984


An anthropologist by training, Vera Mark conducts research on the interface between regional, national and global identities as they manifest in popular culture and popular memory. She is currently engaged in completing an ethno-historical manuscript about World War Two French rural collaborators. Dr. Mark will participate in the 2010 Curt C. and Else Silberman Seminar for University Faculty on Jewish Responses to the Holocaust: Teaching the Victims’ Perspective. The Seminar will be conducted by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum’s Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies (CAHS) and will take place at the Museum from June 2-15, 2010.