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Yafeng Wang

by David Price Jan 22, 2021
Yafeng Wang

Postdoctoral Scholar

Rock Ethics Institute, College of the Liberal Arts

Leonhard Center, College of Engineering


  1. Bachelor's, Wuhan University, Philosophy
  2. Master's, Tufts University, Philosophy


Yafeng Wang is a postdoctoral scholar at the Leonhard Center, College of Engineering, and the Rock Ethics Institute, College of the Liberal Arts. Before coming to Penn State, Yafeng received his Ph.D. in philosophy from Stanford University, specializing in the philosophy of science and technology.

Yafeng's current research interests focus on the epistemology and ethics of engineering failures: How to reconstruct the causes of engineering failures; how to distribute the responsibilities; and what we should do to learn from the failures and improve both the engineering systems and the organizations that interact with them. He is also interested in human errors in semi-autonomous systems (for instance, ''self-driving'' cars that still require some user inputs and supervision) and their ethical implications on these systems' design.

Yafeng has a strong interest in engineering education and completed a graduate certificate in computer science education while at Stanford. He is currently working with the Leonhard Center to enhance ethics education across the engineering curriculum at Penn State, including developing workshop materials and online resources to assist engineering faculties in integrating ethics into their courses.