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Application Process 2019-2020

Apply for 2019-2020 Rock Ethics Institute Faculty Fellowship by November 1, 2018.
by rmb529 Oct 10, 2018

To apply for a 2019-2020 Rock Ethics Institute Faculty Fellowship, submit the following materials in a single PDF to by November 1, 2018:

1.     A cover sheet that includes the applicant’s contact information and approval signatures from the applicant’s Department Head and the Associate Dean for Research of the applicant’s college. In the case of team applications, approval signatures are required from Department Heads and Associate Deans for Research for each faculty applicant.
2.     A 100-word abstract for the proposed research project.
3.     A detailed statement of no more than 2,000 words (single-spaced) that addresses the following:

    • A description of the research to be conducted during the fellowship period, with a timeline and description of expected research products (e.g., presentations, publications, creative works, grant submissions, etc.)
    • An account of the originality and significance of the proposed research and the relevance of ethics to its content or methods
    • An explanation of the collaborative potential of the project, including its promise for building interdisciplinary bridges with Rock faculty, engaging with Rock research initiatives, and inspiring collaborations that will extend beyond the funding period. Applicants are encouraged to identify concrete opportunities for collaboration with specific faculty when possible.
    • A description of any added value that the project brings to promoting moral literacy and leadership on or off campus (e.g., engagement with student collaborators or community partners, contribution to curricular innovations, establishing institutional partnerships, etc.)

4.     An abbreviated CV/biosketch of no more than 5 pages. NSF or NIH-style biosketches are welcome.

Successful applicants will be notified by December 7, 2018. Fellowship recipients will be expected to submit a report at the end of the fellowship period summarizing the outcomes of the research project and any plans for its continuation. Past fellows may also be contacted periodically for updates on the longer-term outcomes of their Rock-supported research and collaborations.

Please direct any questions about Faculty Fellowships or the application process to Ben Jones,