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by admin Aug 29, 2017

Penn State is embarking on a transformative effort to become a leader in interdisciplinary ethics research and ethical literacy, with plans to include thirteen tenure-track appointments across an array of academic disciplines.

The purpose of the ethics core faculty hires is to expand our faculty expertise and to provide national and international academic leadership in these vital areas.  The thirteen tenure-track faculty positions will contribute to these goals and build on Penn State’s commitment to becoming the premier institution for the integration of ethics into all aspects of academic life.  Faculty hired through this initiative will strengthen an interdisciplinary community of scholars and educators, will be leaders in ethics research and education throughout the University Park campus, and will help integrate ethics into the teaching and research programs of all our academic units while also contributing to their department’s mission. 

Faculty appointed to these positions will be affiliated with the Rock Ethics Institute, recognized nationally and internationally for its leadership in integrating ethics into all academic fields.  Faculty members affiliated with the Rock have developed unique collaborative interdisciplinary approaches to ethics in the sciences, social sciences, engineering, and humanities and have contributed to the infusion of ethical literacy across the Penn State curriculum.

All appointees will work primarily in their home departments but with a quarter time Rock affiliation.  The goal of the ethics core faculty hires is to integrate ethics into collaborative, interdisciplinary research projects in the sciences, engineering, humanities, and social sciences, to integrate ethical analyses into policy-relevant research, and to enhance collaborations with colleges to advance the integration of ethics into the curriculum at all levels, including undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral mentoring. 

Co-funded faculty may be hired at the Assistant, Associate, and Full Professor levels.

The Rock is looking for candidates who can bring an ethical dimension to Penn State’s areas of research strength and to disciplines where global ethical conversations intersect with academic research.  Although exceptional proposals in all areas will be considered, topics of priority include the following:

  • climate science, decision support, and ethics
  • ethical issues involving global and local well-being concerns such as water security, poverty, health, economic development, or energy
  • cyber ethics: including ethical issues in the domains of cyber security, data management, cyber bioinformatics, and coupled ethical-epistemic issues involving predictive modeling
  • business ethics: including ethical issues in the domains of management and institutional decision making, corporate ethical leadership, debt risk analysis, debt insurance, financial investment on debt and liability, hedge fund investment, and high risk investment tools
  • professional ethics: including legal ethics and corporate ethics.


The Rock Ethics Institute will oversee the allocation of ethics core faculty positions in consultation with an Executive Steering Committee consisting of deans representing many of the Colleges across the University Park campus.