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Philosophy in an Inclusive Key Summer Institute (PIKSI)

This institute is designed to encourage undergraduate students from under-represented groups to consider future study in the field of philosophy. PIKSI will emphasize the on-going project of greater inclusiveness that is transforming the discipline, inviting students to be participants in the conversation.
by admin Sep 21, 2015

The PIKSI Experience is invaluable. Watch the video below to see what it means to previous students.

PIKSI-ROCK and PIKSI-BOSTON will be operating separately, although undergraduate applicants will use one online application form, on which they will indicate which PIKSI they want to apply to. The online application form can be found at PIKSI-BOSTONwhere students can also find further information about PIKSI-BOSTON.

PIKSI-ROCK will take place at the Rock Ethics Institute on the campus of the Pennsylvania State University, University Park, Pennsylvania. It will be 10 days long for undergraduates and 12 days for graduate assistants. PIKSI-ROCK will accept 16 students each summer for the next three years.

If you know promising undergraduate women or men from underrepresented groups such as African Americans, Chicano/as and Latino/as, Native Americans, Asian Americans, LGBTQA persons, economically disadvantaged communities, and people with disabilities, please call this program to their attention. In addition, please consider serving as their “sponsor.” Faculty sponsors mentor students, helping them to prepare their applications, and, when possible and appropriate, work with the students after the Summer Institute to help further the gains the students have made.

Transportation to and from the institute, room and board, and a small stipend will be provided for participants. While we expect that most students will come from four-year colleges, promising students from two-year institutions are also welcome.

Thanks to a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and the APA, PIKSI is expanding. PIKSI held at Penn State will become PIKSI ROCK. In addition, MIT and the University of Massachusetts, Boston, will offer PIKSI BOSTON.

A project made possible by the generous support of the Rock Ethics Institute, APA Board of Officers and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.