What are the risks and rewards at the intersection of ethics and technology?


As the pace of technology keeps advancing adizzying speeds, the Rock Ethics Institute is examining the intersections of ethics and tech from both research and pedagogical perspectives. 

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Principal Investigators:

Affiliate Professor of Rock Ethics
Professor of Philosophy and Latina/o Studies

The Engineering, Technology, and Ethics Initiative further positions the Rock Ethics Institute as a thought leader in the ethics of technology and engineering education, as the Initiative examines the intersection of ethics, engineering, and technology by examining these topics from both  research and pedagogical perspectives.

From a research perspective, researchers hope to better understand how the use of technology impacts student ethics, engineering students in particular, and to develop new methods to enhance engineering education. Co-convened by Daniel Susser, and Eduardo Mendieta, the initiative also focuses on faculty development and teaching aimed at fortifying ethics understanding and decision-making in the classroom.

Principal Investigator:

Research Associate in the Rock Ethics Institute
Assistant Professor of Information Sciences and Technology

Convened by Sarah Rajtmajer, the Rock Ethics Institute’s Ethics, Security, and Critical Network Project focuses on the inextricably intertwined critical infrastructure in the United States—systems and processes increasingly connected to the internet and increasingly at risk for cyberattack.

The project seeks to understand the interdependencies of critical infrastructure across time and space, while also seeking the best responses to ethical questions posed by the potential risks of disruption.

Principal Investigator:

Research Associate in the Rock Ethics Institute
Assistant Professor of Telecommunications and Media Industries

Children and youth are the largest populations in conflict zones. Since they are most impacted, this Initiative aims to shine the spotlight on media rights and uses that best aid and empower children and youth. Convened by Rock Ethics Institute research associate Yael Warshel (co-convened with Idan Shalevof Penn State’s Department of Biobehavioral Health and Oana Albuof the Copenhagen Business School), the Initiative established the Children, Media, and Conflict Zones Lab in the Bellisario College of Communication to achieve its aims.


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