Rock Ethics Institute

The Rock Ethics Institute promotes engaged ethics research and ethical leadership from its home in Penn State’s College of the Liberal Arts.


The Institute’s research topic areas integrate ethical considerations into interdisciplinary scholarship at Penn State. Select a topic below to learn more or view all topics.

Topic(s): Fellowships and Awards
Topic(s): Expanding Empathy Lecture Series, General
Dec 5, 2023
– 4:00PM
133 Sparks Building
Topic(s): Global Issues, Health
Mar 1, 2024
Topic(s): Public Life

Statement on Police Brutality

The Rock Ethics Institute at the Pennsylvania State University is a community of scholars with representation from many countries, racial and ethnic groups, gender identities, and political perspectives. Our work is dedicated to ensuring that the world and its people cultivate the ethical commitments necessary to create more just, peaceful, and equitable societies. Progress toward that future requires recognizing and proactively working to end systemic racism and entrenched injustice, whose destructive consequences fall disproportionately on Black and Brown bodies. We condemn police brutality, violence against protesters exercising their constitutional rights, the erosion of democratic practices and norms, and White supremacy in all its forms. We commit ourselves to advancing struggles to achieve justice for all peoples at our University, in our local community, in our state, in the broader United States, and across the globe.