REI affiliate faculty member celebrates latest book release

REI affiliate faculty member celebrates latest book release
Dana Mitra, professor of Education, Educational Theory & Policy and REI affiliate faculty member, celebrates latest book release, The Empowered Professor: Breaking the Unspoken Codes of Inequity in Academia. This book is written for a faculty and graduate students, emphasizing the skills needed to be a successful academic with a focus on lifespan learning. It’s also intended for universities, articulating how institutions can implement an equity-driven plan for faculty development.

The book features: 

  • Action steps universities can take to improve faculty recruitment and retention. 

  • Workbook-style exercises to help academics connect personal goals and experiences with book content. 

  • An equity-driven model of faculty development that connects individual goals with an understanding of academic structures.  

  • Research-based evidence on how inequitable structures are perpetuated by university policies, with insights for increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion 


The Empowered Professor is a thoughtful, powerful, and practical guide―a must-read for graduate students, faculty, mentors, and campus leaders alike. It is masterful in its balance, simultaneously demystifying the complexities of the academy, spotlighting inequities embedded in structures and systems, and providing scholars with tools to tap into their truth and authentically pursue their goals.”
Kimberly A. Griffin, professor and associate dean, college of education, University of Maryland

“With over a decade of experience and drawing on others’ perspectives, Mitra challenges universities’ structural and cultural impediments to faculty success. She thoughtfully offers an equity-driven model of faculty development to help dismantle institutional barriers and enhance faculty agency, belonging, and competencies (ABCs).”
Gaëtane Jean-Marie, dean and professor of educational leadership, Rowan University

Topic(s): General, Public Life, Race