Warshel’s book about Israeli-Palestinian conflict earns yet another major award

Warshel’s book about Israeli-Palestinian conflict earns yet another major award

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Penn State Rock Ethics Institute research associate Yael Warshel has been honored with the 2024 International Studies Association (ISA) International Communication (ICOMM) Book Award Runner-up for her seminal work, “Experiencing the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Children, Peace Communication and Socialization.” This recognition marks the fifth accolade for Warshel’s impactful monograph, further cementing its status as a pioneering piece in the emerging field of peace communication.

Image of Experiencing the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict book coverDescribed by an anonymous reviewer as a “tour de force,” Warshel’s book is celebrated for its unparalleled depth and innovative approach to examining peace communication interventions and their impact on children in conflict zones. Another reviewer lauded the work as, “One of the more impressive books I’ve read in my field — ever,” highlighting the monograph’s significant contributions to academic scholarship and practical application in communication and peace studies.

The ISA ICOMM book award jury praised Warshel’s extensive fieldwork and engagement with communities, stating, “The amount of field work and work with the communities [Yael Warshel conducted] is amazing …The process of research and impact of Peace Comm is very well crafted and developed in a very interesting way.” The jury recognized the book’s foundational role in the nascent field of Peace Communication, emphasizing its “strong foundation for a newish field such as Peace Comm.”

Warshel’s exploration of “Sesame Street and its impact on three different communities” was singled out for its importance and admirable ethnographic process, offering a unique lens through which to view peace communication strategies. The monograph’s rich and descriptive ethnographic data received acclaim for being “very well written, an amazing history and comprehensive analysis,” and “a pleasure to read.” Jurors concluded their praise by affirming the excellence of Warshel’s scholarship, “For sure, a very solid book.”

Yael Warshel
Yael Warshel

Reflecting on the honor, Warshel expressed gratitude for the recognition, emphasizing the years of dedicated research and engagement that formed the basis of her single-authored monograph. “This latest award is a testament to my commitment to examining vital topics, otherwise historically marginalized in the scholarly literature, and the rigorous and critical transdisciplinary approach I developed using fieldwork based evidence to improve the ability of communication to foster peace and justice,” Warshel said.

The ISA ICOMM Book Award is presented at the International Studies Association annual meeting to the book that is deemed to have made the most substantial impact in the area of international communication in the context of international studies.

Warshel’s book has previously been recognized with four international or national prizes, showcasing its interdisciplinary rigor and impact on fields like communication, international affairs, peace and conflict studies, childhood and youth studies, and ethics.

Warshel is founding director of the Children, Media and Conflict Zones Lab. She continues to lead the way in research and pedagogy focused on  young people, media, and conflict zones, contributing significantly to the understanding and application of peace communication in diverse and challenging environments.

A part of Penn State’s original cluster hire of research associates in the Rock Ethics Institute, Warshel is assistant professor of telecommunications and media industries and African studies, as well as an affiliate faculty member of international affairs, international and comparative education, Middle Eastern studies, Islamic studies, and information sciences and technology. She is vice president of the American Institute for Maghrib Studies (AIMS), the North and Northwest African Studies Association, an officer In the Peace and Conflict Communication Division of the National Communication Association, Palestinian American Research Center Fellow, Brandeis University Schusterman Center Summer Institute for Israel Studies Faculty Fellow, and Stanford University-University of California at Berkeley John Gardner Public Service Fellow.

Arab/Palestinian Israeli child draws what she envisions a "solution to all these problems"
Arab/Palestinian Israeli child draws what she envisions a “solution to all these problems” would look like, as she argues is the solution, once all “the heads of state make peace”
(Drawing by Randa, age twelve; image courtesy of and rom Warshel, Y. Experiencing the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Children, Peace Communication and Socialization, Cambridge University Press)
Topic(s): Global Issues, Race
Children watching Palestinian and Israeli Sesame Street
Children watching Palestinian and Israeli Sesame Street Photograph by Yael Warshel. Photograph (c) copyright and courtesy of Yael Warshel