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Deborah Anzalone

by rmb529 Feb 22, 2018
Deborah Anzalone

External Advisory Board Member

Senior Director, Medical Affairs & Strategic Development

AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals, Inc.


Deborah, ’78 general arts and sciences, is Senior Director, Medical Affairs and Strategic Development, for AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals, Inc. in Wilmington, DE. Deborah provides medical and strategic oversight for drug development projects in hypertension, diabetes, diabetic kidney disease, and lipid disorders. In her current global role, she works on multidisciplinary teams responsible for disseminating accurate drug information through publications and various other channels to global regulatory authorities, academic institutions, individual and group Healthcare Providers, and US consumers. Previously, she worked for Bristol-Myers Squibb in a similar capacity developing new cardiovascular drugs. In 2013, she established a Trustee Scholarship in memory of her brother, James, who attended Penn State, along with her other brother, Angelo. She is a member of the Liberal Arts Alumni Society Board and has mentored several students through the Liberal Arts mentor program, as well. Deborah lives in Malvern, PA.