José Soto

José Soto

José Soto

Associate Professor of Psychology
2018–20 Joyce L. and Douglas S. Sherwin Early Career Professor in the Rock Ethics Institute
310 Moore Building


Ph. D., 2004, University of California, Berkeley


José Soto is a clinical psychologist interested in the intersections of culture, health, and emotion and how these three forces interact with and shape each other. He has examined the manner in which culture influences various aspects of the human emotion system (e.g., experience, expression, recognition) and the psychological health costs or benefits associated with these cultural variations in emotional processes.

Dr. Soto has approached the study of culture and emotion from a multi-method perspective, using psychophysiological measures to supplement behavioral and self-report emotion data and going beyond self-identification to measure culture. An emerging component of his work is exploring the mental health consequences of experiencing discrimination, racism, or oppression. He has done this by studying the relationship between these factors and mental health directly or by examining how emotional processes mediate/moderate this relationship.


Jose Soto