Author Meets Critics: Yael Warshel

Author Meets Critics: Yael Warshel
Apr 14, 2021
– 6:00PM

Experiencing the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Children, Peace Communication and Socialization

Image of Experiencing the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict book coverBook Abstract: Published by Cambridge University Press, “Experiencing the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict” (discount code WARSHEL21) provides an in-depth study of communication interventions aimed at reducing intergroup bias among Israeli and Palestinian children. This analysis assesses how the target audiences receive and interpret such interventions, with the goal of offering recommendations for more effective and critical peace communication that take into account structural and narrative contexts as applicable beyond just the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Yael Warshel is an assistant professor of telecommunications and media industries, Rock Ethics Institute research associate and affiliated faculty of international affairs, international and comparative education, African studies and Middle Eastern studies. She works at the intersection between international media, child, and conflict analysis, practice and policy specializing in the concept of “peace communication” she pioneered.

Joining Dr. Warshel on the April 14 panel to discuss her book will be Karin Wilkins, dean of the School of Communication at the University of Miami, and Jake Harwood, professor of communication at the University of Arizona. Krishna Jayakar, professor and head of the Department of Telecommunications and Media Industries at Penn State, will moderate the panel.

Image of Jake Harwood
Jake Harwood Professor of Communication University of Arizona
Image of Krishna Jayakar
Krishna Jayakar
Head of the Department Telecommunications and Media Industries
Bellisario College of Communications
Penn State
Image of Karin Wilkins
Karin Wilkins Dean of the School of Communication University of Miami

Together the panelists will explore themes raised in Dr. Warshel’s book, such as the role of socialization as a key variable in political conflict intractability, what lessons we can learn from past failures in peace communication and whether or how they can help improve future interventions, and the need to support bicultural intersectional conflict zones hybrid populations (like Arab/Palestinian Israelis) to intervene in and help mediate armed conflicts.

This event is free on Zoom and open to the public.


Topic(s): General, Global Issues
Yael Warshel
Yael Warshel Research Associate, Rock Ethics Institute Asst. Professor of Telecommunications and Media Industries