Care Ethics Otherwise: A Conference (day 2)

Care Ethics Otherwise: A Conference (day 2)
Jun 10, 2023
– 6:45PM
Marriott Foundation Building

Care Ethics Otherwise: A Conference
June 9–10, 2023

at Penn State University Park
Marriott Foundation Building (formerly the Oak Building)

This conference is an invitation to deeply consider previously underexplored approaches to examining and practicing care ethics and care theory. It is organized around a call to actively decenter understandings of care rooted in white, bourgeois, heteronormative domestic/kinship norms and practices—in other words, a call to think care and do care ethics otherwise. By this the organizers mean (at least) two things. First, we are looking to the margins, to the underground, to unconventional domains to invite reflections on care from those who are regularly othered or experience themselves as “the other.” Second, we are motivated to create space with a focus on reimagining and remaking care ethics otherwise we risk neglecting important opportunities to grow care ethics in new, more inclusive directions. Thinking on care has followed multiple genealogies and flourished across, between, and beyond academic disciplines; accordingly, this conference will be interdisciplinary and open to participants working both within the academy and beyond it.

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