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Donald Brown Interviewed on the Ethical Dimensions of Climate Change

by rjp218 Jul 16, 2015
Donald A. Brown, Associate Professor of Environmental Ethics, Science, and Law, and Director, Collaborative Program on Ethical Dimensions of Climate Change, was recently interviewed on two public radio programs. Wisconsin Public Radio, July 28, 2010 Radio Smart Talk, WITF Harrisburg, August 4, 2010

Going Green From the Pulpit

by rjp218 Jul 16, 2015
Green-tinged sermons peppered with wise-use and conservation endorsements might seem unusual, but the movement is growing as religions begin to see resource management as mercy works no less blessed than feeding the hungry or clothing the naked. Named One of Time/CNN's Top 15 Green Web Sites

by rjp218 Mar 28, 2015
In its April 28, 2008, online issue, Time/CNN named the Rock Ethics Institute's Web site on climate change,, one of the top 15 Web sites addressing environmental issues. The 10-month old site, a joint venture with, looks at the ethical questions raised by climate change.

"Climate-change solutions lie beyond self-interest"

by rjp218 Jul 16, 2015
Unlike many other states, Pennsylvania has no climate-change strategy. This is a moral and ethical failure. Yet the ethical duties of Pennsylvanians to reduce their carbon footprint are not part of the current political debate. In his movie "An Inconvenient Truth," Al Gore says three times that climate change is a moral problem, but does not say what kind of moral problem it is or what makes global warming a moral problem. Climate change is a clear moral problem for three reasons:

"Pennsylvania Assembly Passes First Global Warming Law"

by rjp218 Mar 28, 2015
HARRISBURG, Pennsylvania, July 3, 2008 (ENS) - Global warming legislation will be enacted for the first time in Pennsylvania when Governor Ed Rendell signs the Pennsylvania Climate Change Act as he is expected to do. The measure was overwhelmingly approved today by both houses of the Pennsylvania General Assembly.