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REI Colloquium: David LeBlanc, PhD Candidate in English and Rock Ethics Institute Fellow Jul 29, 2020
REI Colloquium: Yi-Ting Chang, PhD Candidate in English and Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies and Rock Ethics Institute Fellow Jul 29, 2020
REI Colloquium: Chris Costello, Assistant Professor of Industrial Ecology and Research Associate in the Rock Ethics Institute Jul 29, 2020
REI Colloquium: Erin Heidt-Forsythe, Associate Director of Rock Ethics Institute and Associate Professor of Women's Studies and Political Science Jul 29, 2020
Richard B. Lippin Lecture in Ethics: Virginia Eubanks Jul 28, 2020
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Daily Collegian interviews REI's Daniel Susser about TikTok app, social media insights Aug 10, 2020
Ethics Now, Friday, 6/12/20 at 10am: Pandemic Justice Jun 11, 2020
REI affiliate faculty Pearl Gluck's award-winning film screening for charity Aug 07, 2020
Lack of departmental diversity may challenge police trust and legitimacy, REI assistant director Ben Jones tells the Centre Daily Times Aug 05, 2020
Joshua Inwood: Lack of grassroots could be problematic for commissions pursuing racial justice Aug 03, 2020
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