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The Rock Ethics Institute knows that people face ethical challenges in their personal lives, their professional lives, and as citizens. We help them develop tools to identify ethical challenges, weigh options, consider other viewpoints, and take a stand for their beliefs and the interests of others.
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The public face of bioethics focuses on hot-button issues such as stem cell research, genetic privacy, bioterrorism and physician-assisted suicide. These are, without doubt, critical issues. But larger policy questions at both the national and global levels are all-too-often neglected.

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Critical Philosophy of Race

The Critical Philosophy of Race (CPR) seeks to develop the philosophical tools necessary to meet the ethical and intellectual challenges posed by new forms of racism as well as the legacy of the inherited racisms.

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Ethics Education

Helping people meet the challenges they encounter and have the confidence and knowledge to stand up for themselves, their ideals, and the interests of others.

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Science & Engineering Ethics

Values are an essential component of research and practice in science and engineering. This initiative aims to provide training and research support in coupled ethical-epistemic analysis. This unique method adds an important dimension to scientific integrity often missing in more traditional research integrity approaches.