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  1. Internal Advisory Board

Internal Advisory Board

Peter Hudson

  • Director of the Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences and Willaman Professor of Biology

Anthony Atchley

  • Senior Associate Dean
  • Professor of Acoustics

Kathryn Drager

  • Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Education
(814) 863-6247

John Hellmann

  • Associate Dean for Graduate Education and Research and Professor of Materials Science and Engineering
(814) 865-7659

Carleen Maitland

  • Interim Associate Dean for Undergraduate and Graduate Studies
  • Associate Professor of Information Sciences and Technology
  • Affiliate Professor, The School of International Affairs

Jonathan H. Marks

  • Associate Professor of Bioethics, Humanities, Law,
  • and Philosophy
  • Director of the Bioethics Program
(814) 865-5938

Susan McHale

  • Director, Social Science Research Institute, Distinguished Professor of Human Development and Family Studies
(814) 865-2663

Janice Penrod

  • Professor of Nursing and Director, Center for Nursing Research

Tom Richard

  • Professor of Agricultural and Biological Engineering
  • Director of Penn State Institutes for Energy and the Environment
  • Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering
  • College of Agricultural Sciences
(814) 863-0291

Eric Silver

  • Professor of Sociology and Criminology
  • Associate Dean for Research

Andrew Stephenson

  • Distinguished Professor of Biology, Associate Dean for Graduate Studies

Gary Thompson

  • Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Education
  • Director, PA Agricultural Experiment Station